Taking into account the needs of our customers, we created the instant version of the popular Bravos Classic brand so that you can make your coffee in minutes and enjoy familiar flavours.
In order to make coffee granules from coffee drinks and offer them on store shelves, we evaporate water from the coffee drink by dry process with hot air until it crystallizes. The result is a granule which preserves the coffee’s aroma and enjoyment due to the 100% quality coffee.

Add Classic Instant coffee to your own tasteto hot but not boiling water and you can drink it right away with milk, milk foam, cream, or you can flavour it as you wish.
The products are available in packages of 50g, 100g and 200g.

Bravos 3in1

Under the brand name Bravos 3in1 we market our product line of individually packed coffee portions. It contains real instant coffee and is sweetened with cane sugar. This is one of our most dynamically developing product lines.

In the year 2017 the product line had got a new design and more harmonious flavor as well.
In the stores it is available in packs of 10x17 gramm, and 50x17 gramm.
Its popularity is further increased by the fact that it contains a coffee creamer based on vegetable (palm) oil and as such it is suitable for people suffering from lactose intolerances.

Instant coffee was first produced at the beginning of the 20th century. The coffee beans are roasted and grounded, then used to prepare a brew that has the thickness of syrup. Then the water is extracted by vacuum, the residual material is dried and flavoured. Instant coffee specialities are solely made of coffee.

Flavoured specialities contain sugar and creamer as well. Instant coffee is a great favourite in our fast paced world, as they are easy and fast to prepare. The beneficial physiological effects are the same as in the case of drinks brewed using traditional grounded coffee, it has a revitalizing effect and speeds up the metabolism.