Bravos Frappé

Frappes were first made in Greece in the 1950-ies and have conquered the World since then. Originally it was created by chance. The original iced, frothy version is made using instant coffee, well shaken in cold water as hot water was not available. The Bravos Frappé instant drink powder contains everything that is needed to quickly prepare this iced coffee speciality. A pleasantly sweet, creamy, soft coffee drink may be prepared instantly using cold water and adding a few cubes of ice. It readily dilutes in cold water, and this way has a milder, pleasantly freshening flavour.

Bravos Chocolate

The main ingredient of any kind of chocolate is the cocoa bean, the produce of the cocoa plant. Cocoa originates from South-America and it spread across the World thanks to the Spanish conquerors. Dark chocolate contains cocoa, cocoa butter, sugar and occasionally vanilla. Milk chocolate contains milk added during its preparation. White chocolate is not a true chocolate as it contains no cocoa, only cocoa butter and slightly more sugar. One can enjoy chocolate also as a drink. A real hot chocolate is a dark, thick, velvety drink that has the true taste of chocolate. Bravos chocolate instant hot chocolate powder offers this exact experience for the consumer. It is also available as hot white chocolate. If prepared using milk with a high fat content and adding cream we get a thick concoction, while using low-fat milk or water results in a light, but very chocolaty drink.